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After 4 years in a general practice law firm, Ms.Widoff recognized early the critical need for qualified ad hoc professionals in the legal field, and became one of Boston's first freelance paralegals.  This independent philosophy, and the decisions borne from it, began the evolution of her paralegal career in the areas of paralegal services, education and management consulting, and temporary and permanent placement of paralegal and attorney teams.  Upon founding the Paralegal Resource Center in 1976, Ms. Widoff has proven herself to be a key player in the shaping and modeling of the paralegal field.

Long before Department of Labor forecasts predicted the increased demand for paralegals, Ms. Widoff anticipated the need for well-trained legal assistants, when in 1980, she developed and implemented the first comprehensive paralegal/lawyer team teaching curriculum in the region at Northeastern University.  This innovative teaching method, which used the Lincoln and Darrow Workbook for Paralegal Training, co-authored by her, later became the model for Boston University's legal assistant certificate program in 1981.  Under Ms. Widoff's careful guidance, the Boston University curriculum developed into a baccalaureate degree and certificate granting program in paralegal studies, the first in the Greater Boston area.

Compounding these successes, Ms. Widoff has continued to make strides in the industry by making available a wealth of knowledge to up and coming and practicing paralegals.  Illustrative of Ms. Widoff's search for excellence is her question-and-answer column "Ask the Expert," published in Legal Assistant Today.  Having served on the boards of many paralegal associations, she also remains professionally active as a member of MPA, NFPA, AAFPE, LAMA, NPRRA and the MBA.

Ms. Widoff received her undergraduate education from Skidmore College, a Certificate from the Paralegal Institute in New York City and a master's degree from Boston University.

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